About Managed Futures in Irvine, CA

What are managed futures?

Managed futures are alternative investment vehicles known to be non-correlated with traditional investments in stocks and bonds.  Why is this?  From our experience, we have seen managers that are registered as either Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA) or Commodity Pool Operators (CPO) go both long and short on many financial and commodity futures markets around the world whereas traditional stock and bond investments are long only.   CTAs and CPOs utilize various strategies, some of which may include:

  • short, medium and long term duration trend following
  • counter trend trading
  • day trading
  • fundamental based trading
  • Global macro analysis to trade in energy, grains and soft markets
  • Options selling strategies

The potential benefits of managed futures within a well-balanced portfolio include:

  • Potential to lower overall portfolio risk.
  • Potential opportunity to enhance overall portfolio returns
  • Broad diversification opportunities.
  • Potential opportunity to profit in a variety of economic environments.
  • May limit losses due to a combination of flexibility and discipline.

Three Lakes Advisors assists clients with the investment process in CTAs and CPOs in both Separate Management Accounts (SMA) and Commodity Funds.  We maintain software to construct portfolios of selected CTAs to show the effects of diversification with the various strategies offered, courtesy of Autumn Gold.  We help investors select a Managed Futures program that’s right for them, open a trading account for the CTA to manage, and monitor the trading activity of the SMAs on an ongoing basis.

Three Lakes Advisors offers clients access to a number of managed futures programs; Please refer to the Three Lakes Manager Platform. Although Three Lakes Advisors has its own recommended list of advisors that we have had history with or have done our own due diligence in the ability of a manager to successfully execute their strategy.  We use very specific criteria when recommending Commodity Trading Advisors, including a disciplined investment approach, a positive track record with commensurate risk and a strong management team.

Please feel free to navigate our recommended Manager Platform.  The manager platform updated performance is provided by www.Autumngold.com and is believed to be accurate.  Three Lakes Advisors makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the various reports, performance and statistics information disseminated by the autumn gold ranking service.