The Oak platforms are FREE and there is no monthly cost to use the platforms.  However on OAK Desktop, if you elect to have live streaming quotes, then CME Exchange fees will apply.  Once you have a user ID tied to your account, you will need to click on Market Data Signup in the blue resource box.

On this page, you will find a host of information regarding the OAK trading environment and resources available to help you trade, sign up for market data, symbols, User manuals and specs.  If you have any questions regarding the Oak trading environment, Three Lakes Advisors is experienced and well versed in both the web-based, desktop and mobile applications.  Please contact us at:  203-388-2678.


About OAK Trading Systems:

OAK Trading Systems was established in 1998 to facilitate the future of trading in the commodity markets. Oak envisioned that the emerging rule changes, improving technologies and the consistent customer demand for fast execution would push the industry towards electronic trading. Since the establishment of Oak Trading Systems in 1998, over 6.5 million orders have been successfully executed. Throughout the years, Oak has introduced new technologies to keep the customer ahead of the curve. Our most recent innovation, Oak Desktop, brings faster executions, tighter spreads, and lightning fast quotes to the screen.

The OAK platform interfaces directly with the electronic order routing systems adopted by the exchanges. As the exchanges expanded into fully electronic platforms, so did OAK, facilitating the transition for brokers and individual traders alike. OAK Trading Systems has made continuous innovation a tradition.





The OAK System offers a “One Screen Solution”, providing customers the ability to route orders to any connected exchange. OAK provides easy web based access, alleviating the headaches associated with running third-party software, such as downloading, installation, ongoing maintenance and system re-configurations.

Web-Based Front End:

  1. Cost effective because it eliminates the need to run third-party software or limit hardware specifications.
  2. Secure Server
  3. Easy to use interface
  4. Log in from anywhere where there is internet access/browser.

Business Logic/Risk Analysis Middleware

  1. Individual margin and trading permissions
  2. Orders checked for real-time buying power
  3. Each account re-margined intra-day
  4. Complete order history information and account information
  5. Customer ability to sort/filter orders by specific criteria
  6. Ability to execute give-up and allocation orders
  7. Order “Parking”; ready to send order with one click

OAK Mobile App:

  1. From your iPhone or smart phone mobile device, go to the “App Store” and in the search field, type in: “ADMIS OAK”.  There you will be able to download for FREE the mobile OAK application.
  2. The Mobile App works very similar to the Oak Web.

*please note that Oak Web and Oak Mobile does not provide live exchange streaming quotes.  You will need OAK Desktop for more advanced feautures such as level 2 streaming quotes for futures and options markets.

 OAK Desktop:

The OAK Desktop provides all features that OAK Web does (mentioned above) and much more.  If you just need an execution only platform with no live quotes and additional features, then OAK Web is your best choice.  If you want all around good execution platform with live quotes, waterfall boxes and exportable screens for your desktop or laptop, then Oak Desktop is the best choice.

  1. No Cost to use
  2. Fast, Efficient Platform
  3. Real-time electronic quotes
  4. Customizable quote boards, waterfalls and account windows
  5. Shared order management with Oak
  6. Developed and supported in-house with ADMIS
  7. Customize Theme Colors, Font Size and export windows to multiple screens

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